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Our Infinite Company (OIC)

Education Retirement Program (ERP)

We offer Financial Education and Financial Services

With advice based on your goals and needs, we work hard to build trusted ongoing relationships.  It starts with a warm and open conversation, we are here to help you navigate your financial journey and provide personalized advice that will help you meet your goals.

In a complimentary 1-on-1 consultation, we will discuss:

·        What is your financial status and challenges

·        How we can solve your financial problems

·        How to secure your financial future

Our team will help you figure out how you can secure your future. After the consultation, you will feel more optimistic about your life. It is time for you to stop stressing and finally take control your finances forever. You deserve a better and worry free future!

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Education Retirement Program (ERP) helps educators understand their retirement benefit and plan for retirement

In our complimentary 1-on-1 consultation with educator, we will discuss:

·        Retirement eligibility

·        Retirement income calculation

·        Factors affecting retirement income

·        Supplemental retirement options

Financial Literacy Retirement Planning

Financial Education & Services

for Small Business

Our Goals

To increase financial literacy among small business owners and employees

To empower small business owners to make educated financial decision for their companies and employees

We provide

Financial literacy workshop, Insurance/protection plan, Retirement plan, & Business financial planning.  

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We provide Entrepreneur Mentorship to help you become a successful entrepreneur in the financial industry

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Our Services

We provide multiple services to help your financial situation now and in the future

Life Insurance

Education Retirement Program

College Saving Plan

 Estate Planning 

Financial Education for Small Business

      Budget & Debt Management

      Home & Car Insurance

Retirement Saving Plan

Entrepreneur Program


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